Cork oak Trail

Cork oak Trail

place Bensafrim's Municipal Market
18.00 km
Min 8   Max 15
Minimum Age 12
Target Audience: Adults
Difficulty: Moderate

Guide: Jorge Duarte

November 04 2023
From 08:30 to 13:30

This route aims to show to the hikers several patches of cork oak and the habitats that develop in that area.

NOTE: Bring comfortable clothes and shoes for walking, water and snack

How to get there

From the Cultural Center (5,6km): Leaving the venue (Barão de São João Cultural Center), go down Estrada da Mata (to the south) to its end (350m) where you turn left (to Lagos), entering the EM 535. Keep going for 200m until a fork where you follow signs for Bensafrim/Zoo de Lagos, passing the Church of Barão de São João (on the right) before leaving Barão de São João. Continue along the EM 535 for 4.4km until you reach a small roundabout where you should turn left towards Aljezur/A22, then entering the village of Bensafrim via the N120. Continue for 450m until you have the Municipal Market on the right.

From Lagos: Arriving at Lagos city, at the roundabout of the Municipal Stadium, follow towards Bensafrim. Arriving at Bensafrim, continue straight for about 500 meters until you find a signpost to turn right.

From A22 (Highway): Coming by the highway, go until the last exit. When you leave the highway at the roundabout, head towards Bensafrim. Arriving at the locality, follow about 300 meters until you find a signpost to turn left.