place Cultural Center of Barão de São João (1st floor)
Min 4   Max 16
Minimum Age 7
Target Audience: Children

Guide: André Pinheiro

November 05 2023
From 16:00 to 17:00

Activity with a huge board game about how to save water.

Did you know that to make a single pair of jeans we spend up to 5.000 liters of water?

And that to get a kilo of oranges, we spend up to 400 liters?

What can we do differently to save water? And... is that important?

In this activity we'll answer these and other questions through the game #AÚltimaGota_Algarve.

How to get there

By car: Arriving in the city of Lagos, at the Municipal Stadium roundabout, head towards Bensafrim. At Portelas exit, take the EM 531 on the left towards Barão de São João, passing through the Monte Judeu site. Go straight ahead towards Barão de S. João, and after entering the village of Barão de São João you should follow the signs that indicate the Mata Nacional. The Cultural Center is located just before the forest entrance on the left.