T-shirt "for sale"

T-shirt "for sale"

place Car park in front of the Cultural Center of Barão de São João
Min 1   Max 15
Minimum Age 12
Target Audience: All
November 05 2023
From 14:00 to 16:00

Spray painting and stencil workshop.

This workshop is intended to give the participant the opportunity to have contact with this technique, and to be able to create their own work. The participant will be able to experiment with various graphic combinations on paper, using some stencils used by the artist Jorge Pereira in the "BARÃO, FOR SALE" installation and with spray paints, with the aim of ultimately being able to create their work on a t-shirt, bag cloth, or other supports.

The participant will create their own t-shirt, which they will take with them and remind them of this event.

NOTE: Participants must bring a t-shirt, cloth bag (light color) or other support where the stencil is applicable, dirty clothes and rubber gloves.

How to get there

By car: Arriving at Lagos city, at the roundabout of the Municipal Stadium, follow towards Bensafrim. At the exit of Portelas, take the EM 531 to the left, in the direction of Barão de São João, passing by the site of Monte Judeu. Continue straight ahead, towards Barão de S. João, and after entering the village of Barão de São João you must follow the signs that indicate the National Forest. The Cultural Center is located just before the forest entrance, on the left side and the car park on the right.

Datas de realização desta atividade

Atividade Dates Meeting site Theme
WorkshopT-shirt "for sale"
November 04 2023 at 14:00
Car park in front of the Cultural Center of Barão de São João
WorkshopT-shirt "for sale"
November 05 2023 at 14:00
Car park in front of the Cultural Center of Barão de São João


Jorge Pereira

Born in Beira (Mozambique) in 1974. Lives and works in Lagos.

In 1998 he completed the Higher Course in Sculpture at ARCA, Coimbra. Since then has developed scenic works for several Theater and Dance groups. Jorge collaborated with Amálgama Companhia de Dança as a designer and video star.

He illustrated Malaquias, a children's book by author Cristina Taquelim. At the same time, he carries out technical drawing work in archeology. He participated in individual and group exhibitions, in different artistic areas, such as installation, painting, ceramics and photography, highlighting: Allmnesia, installation with Tiago Cutileiro, included in Allgarve (2008); Maria Benta - Property of a Fadista (2008); AL NE - 100 images of doors in 10 localities in North Alentejo (2005); Porto Santo Biennial (2007); MALA - Lagos Artists Exhibition (2007, 2009, 2011, 2016); Re-identities (2009); Pinhole, Lagos by Pinhole (2010). He has been artist-in-residence at LAC-Laboratory of Creative Activities since 2006, being responsible for graphic image and spatial management.

At LAC, he curated dozens of exhibitions, such as ARTURb (2011-2017), Kick in the eye (2013 - 2014), “take all” (2016), some with international partnerships such as ROOTS (Maputo, Moçambique2013-2014) and exhibition by the group Streetart - Love all colors at the Original Dampkring Gallery in Amsterdam (2016).