Inaugural Walk Of The Art Installation

Inaugural Walk Of The Art Installation

place Parking in the Picnic Area of ​​Barão de São João Forest
2.00 km
Min 5   Max 25
Target Audience: All
Difficulty: Easy

November 03 2023
From 15:00 to 17:00

On a walk guided by local artists, we'll discover the story behind each one of the 12 pieces that make up the Installation Art of the 6th edition of the Barão de São João - Walk & Art Fest.

How to get there

By car: Arriving in the city of Lagos, at the Municipal Stadium roundabout, head towards Bensafrim. When leaving Portelas, take EM 531 to the left, towards Barão de São João, passing through the site of Monte Judeu. Continue straight ahead, towards Barão de S. João, and after entering the village of Barão de São João, follow the signs indicating Mata Nacional. The Cultural Center is located immediately before entering the forest, on the left side.


Beatrix Denneborg

Beatrix Denneborg was born in Vienna in 1961 and describes herself as a cheerful person.
She loves the sea and that is why she has lived in the south of Portugal since 1987, where the ocean embraces the coast. The beauty of nature and contact are good for her soul. After a walk, she feel energized, fully charged and happy.
Meeting and contacting, touching and "flowing" are her concerns as a massage therapist and Biodanza teacher.

(+351) 969 141 095


Libon-born but with life's twists and turns she is now a baroness (from Barão). She studied one thing and dedicates herself to several. In the midst of her experiments she finds inspiration to do even more things. She doesn't consider herself an artist, but she likes to explore, to work with her voice, her body and her imagination. This is what she tries to do in each edition of the festival with the village and for the village.


(+351) 919 957 208

Carl Zimmerling

Born in 1949 in Berlin, Germany. Carl studied at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin, where he graduated in 1969. Graduated in Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts Berlin in 1983. Traveled to India, USA and Mexico. He lived in Paris, where worked as a German teacher and where he held portrait photography exhibitions between 1983 and 1988. Has lived in Portugal since 1988. Until 2015 he worked as a professional photographer. Has been practicing ZAZEN meditation since 1981 and TAI JI QUAN since 1995.


Charneca da Corte, Barão de São João 
(+351) 919 718 955


Deodato Santos

Editor at Editorial Enciclopédia in Chiado, Lisbon, opposite the political police headquarters.
It is included in the Anthology of Portuguese Post-War Poetry.
With Joaquim Benite, a theater man who created the Almada Theater, they created the Andaime poetry notebooks.
Weekly chronicler for the RDP's Southern Regional Emitter.
Editor-in-chief of the weekly Barlavento.
Detached from teaching, he creates the Cultural Services in the Municipality of Odemira.

First exhibition in Paris, at the Salon of Independent Artists.
Exhibition at the Jacques Miguet Douvaine Cultural Center - France, on the border with Geneva.
Portraits of the Infante Award from the Lagos City Council.
Creator of the Barão de São João Cultural Center, with the support of Luís Filipe Madeira, a member of the socialist party government.
With Xico Roxo he installs in Barão de São João, Passeio dos Poetas, A Ver-o-Mar and Passeio das Figuras.
Author of the unusual and disturbing work Christ Uncrucifixes Himself, which in the incalculable Christian iconography there seems to be no record of having been treated this way.

Francisco Roxo

Francisco was born in Angola, in 1959. He lives in Barão de São João since 1976.
He worked as a gardener, after having worked in construction.
He considers himself as an outsider in the community of artists from Barão de São João. He does not have any type of artistic training.
He made his first exhibition in 2012 and accepted the invitation of Deodato Santos to participate in the construction of sculptures for the poets' walk and since then he has participated in exhibitions in Barão de São João.


Barão de São João
(+351) 969 705 285

Jorge Pereira

Born in Beira (Mozambique) in 1974. Lives and works in Lagos.

In 1998 he completed the Higher Course in Sculpture at ARCA, Coimbra. Since then has developed scenic works for several Theater and Dance groups. Jorge collaborated with Amálgama Companhia de Dança as a designer and video star.

He illustrated Malaquias, a children's book by author Cristina Taquelim. At the same time, he carries out technical drawing work in archeology. He participated in individual and group exhibitions, in different artistic areas, such as installation, painting, ceramics and photography, highlighting: Allmnesia, installation with Tiago Cutileiro, included in Allgarve (2008); Maria Benta - Property of a Fadista (2008); AL NE - 100 images of doors in 10 localities in North Alentejo (2005); Porto Santo Biennial (2007); MALA - Lagos Artists Exhibition (2007, 2009, 2011, 2016); Re-identities (2009); Pinhole, Lagos by Pinhole (2010). He has been artist-in-residence at LAC-Laboratory of Creative Activities since 2006, being responsible for graphic image and spatial management.

At LAC, he curated dozens of exhibitions, such as ARTURb (2011-2017), Kick in the eye (2013 - 2014), “take all” (2016), some with international partnerships such as ROOTS (Maputo, Moçambique2013-2014) and exhibition by the group Streetart - Love all colors at the Original Dampkring Gallery in Amsterdam (2016). 

Kasia Wrona

In 1991 Kasia graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland.

During her career as an artist, Kasia has received professional recognition and numerous awards, both in Poland and Japan.

Kasia uses the mediums of drawing, painting, graphic design and video installations to showcase her talent. Through these various techniques, the natural elements of earth, air, fire, water and space are revealed as her principal inspiration.

In addition, Kasia enjoys developing her passion for the technique of icon painting.

A founder of the Marina de Lagos Art Academy in, Portugal, since 2011, where she teaches drawing.

Kasia is a regular exhibitor and her artwork has been purchased for both public and private collections worldwide.



(+351) 916 035 308

Manuela Caneco

Manuela attended the Fine Arts course in Lisbon.
She devoted much of her life to art and education.
Made many exhibitions, inside and outside the country.
Since 2017 she is dedicated to Art in Nature and with Nature - no longer buys new materials.
She has participated in several initiatives promoted by City Councils (Vila do Bispo, Lagos), and always in this Festival.
Fully believes that art and culture are profound elements of social transformation.

For more information about Manuela's work, check this link.

Estrada Municipal Norte, nº7, Barão de São Miguel
(+351) 964 690 895

Patrícia Leal

Patrícia was born in Germany in 1972. She is an artist, filmmaker, researcher, curator and trainer.

She attended the independent study programme in Visual Arts at the Maumaus School, the post-production course at Etic and also studied photography at Richmond College London. In 2010 she obtained a Masters Degree in Documentary Film at Goldsmiths College. She is a PhD student in Artistic Studies at FCSH / Universidade Nova de Lisboa and was awarded a grant by FCT to develop a research on the landscape of colonial post-memory in contemporary Portuguese art.

Since 2010 she works in the field of editing television documentaries dedicated to contemporary art. Since 2014 she is a trainer in the area of Photography and Video at Etic - Escola de Tecnologias, Inovação e Criação (Lisbon and Faro). In 2021 she was artistic curator of the exhibition The Silence of the Earth, which combines the Diamang photographic archive with works of contemporary art. A project in collaboration with the research unit LABPT of the University of Minho and the Nogueira da Silva Museum in Braga. 

Her artistic work falls within the domain of environmental aesthetics, reflecting on how we position ourselves in relation to nature, animal, plant and organic species. In 2020, a landmark year for humanity, and after many years living abroad and more recently in Lisbon, he returns to his origins, to the city of Lagos where he attended high school. Currently she is resident artist in LAC, returning, also here, to photography and photographic processes. In parallel she develops within the AVONDE Cultural Association, of which she is a founding partner, documentary film projects on memory and tradition.




Sofia Portela

Since 1970 in this world, in the Municipality of Lagos since 1997. Psychologist, trainer, educator. Amateur photographer at Barão de São João artists' exhibitions in 2014 (photography and video installation) and 2015 (installation); at the 1st collective exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Lagos in 2015 and at the Lagos Artists Exhibitions (MALA) in 2015 and 2017 (photography). She participated in the Artistic Installation of the Walk & Art Fest, in the 1st, 3rd e 5th edition of the festival.



Barão de São João

(+351) 966 176 131


Gonçalo Cabral

Born in Lisbon in 1948. In the 60s he was a drawing student of the painter Rafael Calado and the sculptors João Fragoso and Hélder Baptista. In 1964/65 he attended the Artistic Training Course at the Society of Fine Arts.

In 1967 he won the Plastic Arts Prize from the Juvenile Supplement of the Diário de Lisboa.

In 1972 he completed his degree in Architecture at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts, where he was a drawing student of the sculptors Lagoa Henriques and Soares Branco.

In 1981 he settled in the Municipality of Lagos, where, in addition to practicing architecture independently, he was an effective teacher in the Visual Arts group at Escola Secundária Gil Eanes for 30 years.

He held solo painting exhibitions in Lagos-1999 (Regimental Warehouse), 2000 (Slave Market) and 2014 (Tourist Office).

He was part of the initial nucleus of the informal group “Artistas de Barão de São João”, having participated in collective exhibitions from 2012 to 2022.

He has participated in almost all artist exhibitions organized by Lagos City Council since 1996. Recently, he received 3rd prize in the “LocalArte” project (2022) and an Honorable Mention in the “D. Sebastião in the History of Lagos” (2023).

Nina Bradley

Studied Jewellery Manufacture and Design at Middlesex Polytechnic in London in the 70's. In 1989 she moved with her family to live in the Algarve. 
She had joined many exhibitions and craft markets over the years and been a member of two co-operative craft shops here in the Algarve.
Her work reflects her love of and respect for Nature and she is grateful to be surrounded by it here. Participating in organized community events is always interesting and challenging and she finds it enriching to work alongside other people.
Phone: 91780212