After humanity was put to the test with a pandemic, in which we were forced to slow down and rethink everything and all of existence, it is time to act.

For some, the time to return to "pre-Covid" normality is eagerly awaited; for others, the time has come to create a new reality, to change behaviors and paradigms. It's time to go against ideas and actions, in a "CONTRACYCLE" process. It is time to break with the actions of the past that have harmed our “Common Home” planet Earth.

This year's art installation aims to make visitors reflect on what each of us can change in terms of behavior. What do we want and do we need anyway?

"Contracycle" is composed of 13 art pieces, in a three-kilometer route spread through the village and Mata de Barão de São João.

For the brave ones

place Countercycle

This painting is for those (the whistleblowers) who dare to stand up when they see wrong behaviour in society. The whistleblowers dare to stand alone, often bring the change and raise awareness.

Good Vibe

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In the midst of the rough seas, which are the uncertain times we live in, we all need a Wave of renewal and change. This feeling inspires this new work on canvas (90 x 155 cm), acrylic paint with vibrant...

My house is also water

place Countercycle

A well, a body, water and memories. Memories of water and its experiences, a few years ago, a few cycles ago. What does water tell us? Is voice? Remember to activate preserve, care, rethink....its use....

Confort zone

place Countercycle

Installation with deckchair.Are we ready to step out of our comfort zone?We wake up and take the necessary steps for a more humble and sustainable world.

Chakra Installation

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Our life here on earth is in a continuous cycle from birth to death. The cycle may accelerate at a time of illness or may stabilize again if we address the cause. Painting can be a therapy to hinder...