09) João Evangelista decapitates himself

This piece was intended to be posted in dialogue with that of Christ opposite.
If Christ had uncrucified himself, John Baptist would certainly follow the Master, decapitating himself.
I thought that I should meet in the same organization to fulfill the Walk & Art Fest organization that I had to sign up for.
These two figures, the leaders of Christianity, which they represent in the civilization we are in, are called in the history of civilizations as the Judeo-Christian civilization.
I see Christ as a visionary, a liberator who wants to free his Judea from the yoke of the Roman civilization that occupied it.
It is the enlightened one who, through the gift of the sonorous word and who, through the spectacularity of his miracles, becomes an agitator and conductor of men.
John Baptist sees him as a complementary face, the man of the written word, the thinker.
Both are severely eliminated. One crucified, the other beheaded.