A non-polluting brand and 0 waste.
Developed with the well-being of our skin and mother nature in mind.
All products contain therapeutic purposes, formulated with 100% natural, biodegradable and biological ingredients.

HMN was created in December 2019 by Márcia Rodrigues.

The founder and artisan is 23 years old and grew up on a farm in Lagos, in the south of Portugal.
This brand was created with the aim of improving the waste of products that contaminate the environment.

Each product is formulated with our skin's pH and the environment in mind to preserve a more sustainable future.

Marcia Rodrigues
Mobile: 935033269
Instagram: @hand_madenatural

Handmade Baskets

Handcrafted basketry made from Willow.



Victor Rodrigues
Instagram: @cestos_artesanais

Petra Schoenke

Stories for children (and adults), written, drawn and made 'by handcraft' for small books, each individual.
It also provides postcards with their own designs.

BoG – Environmental Consulting, Lda.

The "Expedição H2O" project aims to educate school-age children to make a conscious decision on issues related to water and its value, promoting their behavior change and, consequently, the families and community.
The pedagogical resources available in the "H2O Expedition" kit are as follows:
- Children's book "Á-G-U-A, what is water?!"
- Puzzle "Super Citizen"
- Comics "Tap water is good"
- Glory Game "H2O Expedition"
- Set of 11 pedagogical cards with activities related to the theme



BoG – Environmental Consulting, Lda.
Address: Rua de São Rosendo, 278, 4300-476 Porto
Phone: +351 934 792 144

Maria Francisca Glória Vieira

Sale of homemade bread and cakes.

Isabel and Marcin - Crochet and Leather

Isabel works in contemporary crochet, in the form of pillows, rugs, blankets, bags.

Marcin works leather, makes wallets, bags, belts.

Sítio das Canádas, Cx. Postal 403-y
8600-013 Barão de São João

Phone: +351 960 027 312


Facebook: @crochet.costura.isabeljoao

Instagram: @crochet.costura.isabeljoao